What is research mode?

WebBuddy is the result of a simple and vague feeling of discontent. I found that the web experience was getting more important, but at the same time, as a gradually poorer experience.

We can or must use the web for nearly every aspect of our lives. And yet, there are cases where the web is less accessible than it should be. So started a grand journey towards improving the web experience for some edge cases that mainstream browsers can't cover so well, because of its importance in handling more important browsing experiences.

Little did we know that this was a much bigger proposition than we thought, as a product company. 

With Hotkey Mode, you'll be able to invoke a web browser as if it's set to a system hot-key. It's really the fastest way to access the web, if you are dominantly starting your research with a Google search. (And more and more people are these days.)

But this is just the trojan horse. By putting the web within the reach of 2 taps to the option/alt key, and if you choose, by syncing your Chrome history with WebBuddy, you're building your rich research history using this tool. You will be helping WebBuddy to create stacks.

What are stacks? They are our fix to fragmentation of your research data, lovingly crafted by the Labs. [Join the movement to find out.]

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