Poll: what should we set the service menu item shortcut to?

WebBuddy support OS X services for text selections. Here's an example of the service menu item shown when a user has selected some text in Preview:

Currently, the menu item simply performs a Google search with the selected text. We're enhancing the service to make it a much more powerful tool for quick lookups. It's quite nifty when you're working in a keyboard-centric workflow and need to look something up on the web every now and then.


There's a little problem with the 'cmd+>' (or 'cmd+shift+.) shortcut as shown in the screenshot above, for the following reasons:

* Terminal treats the shortcut as a [ctrl+c].

* Sublime Text seems ignores the shortcut.

As Terminal and Sublime Text are very important apps for a lot of users with keyboard-centric workflows, we'd like to find one that works with these apps.

But it's quite hard to find a shortcut -- and because this is a service menu item, we're restricted to finding one with the cmd and shift modifiers -- that's still up for grabs. We've tried the following:

* 'cmd+|' ('cmd+shift+\') -- taken by Safari 'show all tabs'

* 'cmd+~' ('cmd+shift+`') -- taken by the system for window switching

* 'cmd+?' ('cmd+shift+/') -- taken by many apps to view help

So we'd like to ask you. What do you think the best shortcut would be? If you're keyboard-heavy, we promise you'll like this!


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